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Hutton Updates

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 2 - Inheritance Tax Mitigation: The Basics

Welcome to the Hutton Estate Planning eBook - 

'The indispensable guide to private client capital tax planning' written by Matthew Hutton, with Ian Maston.  Now in its sixth edition, both electronically (from end September 2013) and as a printed book (from mid-October 2013). 

Matthew Hutton

Ian Maston

Immediate electronic access available following posting of your order.  

Where else can you get monthly updates on current developments – to ensure that you’re fully up to speed?



  Six ‘easy’ features of the eBook:

Easy to Access

  • Online access from anywhere (given a PC with an internet connection)

  • Access for every member of your department, with their own user name and password

Easy to Use and Navigate

  • Intuitive eBook menu

  • Intelligent search facility to take you straight to the sections you need

  • Tips and hyperlinks to relevant supporting information

Easy to find the latest updates

  • Monthly updates made to the eBook

  • Drill back up to 11 months to see previous updates

Easy to stay up to date  

  • The updates show (in a second colour) only what has changed, with no need to read the whole section. 

Easy to set up and manage

  • Access as simple as browsing a website

  • Account details based on email address

  • Passwords can be altered online to your choice

  • Easy to use automated forgotten password facility

Easy on the environment 

  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint